Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Oh, right. Blogging.

I just finished (and by "finished," I mean I might be able to force myself to turn it again before rereading and redoubting all of my conclusions) my senior thesis, and I started thinking about all the things I have done for finals and all that I have I yet to do for finals. And then I remembered blogging. I'm on my computer all day every day, so it is normally not difficult for me to remember to get on and blog. For some reason, last week, for the very last blog, I forgot.

Although I tutored last Spring, the class taught me a lot. More than even the class taught me, however, tutoring taught me about tutoring. The more I do it, the more convinced I am that I'll never stop getting better at it. Which is simultaneously hopeful and pessimistic. All those poor students who I tutored yesterday should have come in tomorrow when I'll be better at it...

On that same idea, the most important thing I've learned is that I don't know everything, nor am I expected to. I can open a manual; I can ask a fellow tutor; I can say I don't know, how about we find out. Tutoring is a process whereby the student learns, but so do I. I know MLA, APA, and Turabian better. I know my commas and semicolons better. I notice varied sentence structure (or, uh, lack thereof, as the case may be) in my own writing.

As a tutor, I am not expected to know everything. I didn't know everything when I started last January, and a year later, I still don't know everything. I'm okay with that.