Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Time to Start Another Semester

It's a new semester and I love its name--Spring-- So welcoming to me and I look forward to the end of it when it will be Spring and we can romp and play in the sunshine!

I started this semester with a brain cloud (you know, like in Joe Versus the Volcano). I was sick and full of jetlag from my Christmas trip to Scotland. I was tired and didn't feel like getting back into a hard-working, energy-exhuming college experience. I wanted to take another trip except that flying made me nauseated and left me claustrophobic. (Which is a new thing for me since I've always loved flying). I have been confused about what classes to take, have been screwing my tutoring schedule around, and running to the toilet every hour to relieve my overactive bladder. Needless to say, I have looked forward to going to sleep at night (although I have had some very vividly weird dreams that I'm not sure about) and dreaming about graduation day.

I haven't tutored yet so we'll see how that goes after the break. I really enjoy tutoring and look forward to my involvement in that part of school. As long as I don't get tripped up by some unexpected annoyance.