Friday, February 03, 2006

I practically forgot my head, but then I realized it was screwed on

I contribute any way I can, but I'm not always able to contribute what I want to be able to contribute. However, when I find a good boundary to work within, I enjoy the space.

I like to feel good in the place I am in so I'll change it to suit me when I can. I suppose my contribution to the Writing Center, then, is my desire to make good things happen while surrounded by attractive space. I have spent significant time on the aesthetics of the center by creating things and arranging other things to hang on the walls. I don't suppose very many people think that is a great contribution or even notice what the room looks like around them, but I feel confident that it is still affecting them. While we tutors are working with students on their stressful papers to alleviate some of the anxiety of schoolwork, it is nice to know that my work on the walls is working on them too.