Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Blog 13: Existential advice

My advice is as follows:

Realize that saying "I know nothing" will always be the most truthfully descriptive statement you will possess--and, in fact, might be the only truthful thing you can say.

Remember who you are: no one. You are no one. Remember that.

Decide on an answer before you ask questions. Then the game becomes proving yourself wrong.

Be affected by all the trite platitudes that you hear about life--particularly the ones the rhyme.

If you are ever upset over something, remember that nothing matters.

Your nothing is someone's something, no matter how nothing. Acknowledge that.

Everything will kill everyone.

With nothing but to bleed and decay, you should help some people along the way.

Scarcely anything exists more human, and therefore sacred, than helping someone learn.


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