Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Blog 7: What's on My Mind?

So, it seems as if I slacked off and didn’t write a blog post for the simple prompt of “what’s on your mind?” Well, now it is the end of the semester, and much is on my mind. I’m excited to finish these classes that I am currently in, but I am also excited for the classes I will take next semester. But I’m in limbo, really, stuck between almost being done with a semester and my nearly overwhelming lethargy that inevitably destroys my work ethic just prior to the Winter break. But I’m getting along, mostly.

Before I make my next statement, I have note that I am inspired by the grad students I have had the opportunity to associate with this past semester. I say this, because for the past couple of weeks I have been dreading a simple eight-page paper for my Irish Literature class while many of them were spending their nights and early mornings in hours-long marathon writing binges. I have much to learn from you all, to include improving the effectiveness of my procrastination. It’s not working as well for me as it seems to be working for some of you.

It has been a stressful end to the semester. As always, final assignments stack up, the workload in the WC increases, and tensions begin to stretch to the breaking point. I find solace in knowing that I am officially half way through with my degree, but I look back and realize that it hasn’t been easy to get where I am now. All at once I am excited, frightened, stressed, confused, and hopeful as I move forward, not knowing quite what to expect.

Also, as a side note, my family and I just finished our move to Ogden. On our first night sleeping in our new home, we were awakened by a man screaming obscenities to himself as he sat on the curb outside our house. Ogden is not like Farmington. The End.


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