Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The study habits of old dogs

(Somehow I missed this prompt, so its a bit out of order.) 

I can't really say that my work in the writing center has had much effect on me in the day to day schoolwork element. I guess that I am a bit of an "old dog" in some of my habits as a student, and I don't think there is much that can reasonably done to change that. I am lucky that I have always had pretty good study habits (at least when it comes to English), so my stubborn approach to classwork is not too bad. I am sure that it could have changed me more had I been an undergraduate, but maybe my bachelor's degree solidified my approach a bit. 
That's not to say I didn't learn a lot about the process of being a student. I was able to see a lot of learning techniques in action and participate in helping others become more effective students. I was able to examine this process for many of the tutees, and through that I confirm many of my preexisting notions. Its not that I think I am a superior student that is beyond reproach, but I know I had some fantastic teachers in my undergrad that did a good job preparing me for being a student. A lot of those elements have just been reinforced this year, and now I am looking at way to pay it forward. 
What has changed is how I view myself as a teacher. The last few months have drastically altered my pedagogy, helping shape me into a better teacher. I guess, in the end, I have changed a bit in my study habits. I still go about things in the same way, but now I think about the process more. I analyze why I approach material the way I do so I can help others be as successful as I am. Teaching an old dog to teach young dogs might be a metaphor too far, but the idea of learning from myself to help others is pretty fitting.

Gary Lindeburg


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