Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Blog 12: I'm a better student because I tutor.

12: How has your experience tutoring affected your other schoolwork?  Has it changed the way you approach being a student?  The way you think about yourselves as students?
Part of tutor training is learning good study skills so we can model for tutees.  Being a tutor has definitely changed and even increased how I complete my schoolwork.  I am much more confident at using reference materials, though I didn't lack in that before.  I guess the biggest thing I've learned through tutoring is that it is okay to ask for help.  My first time walking in to the writing center was for my interview for a job.  Now, I feel no shame in asking another tutor a question, whether for myself or during a session in which a strange question comes up.  I appreciate students who come in to the writing center even after they are no longer required.  I wish I would have used more campus resources in my undergrad, but I use them more now that I understand the importance and benefit.  Tutoring definitely changed how I view campus resources.
Another thing about being a tutor is that I am expected/asked to keep my grades up and stay on top of my homework.  Admittedly, this last part was a struggle for me this semester, as I'm pushing through the last few blog posts to get things turned in.   However, I did learn how to interact with faculty as a tutor.  I learned that maintaining an open discussion with faculty is not difficult nor scary, and it can be a huge benefit.  


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