Thursday, December 05, 2013

Blog 12.

This job has changed me as a student because it has made me more diligent and critical of my own work. I feel as though I am held to a certain standard being a writing tutor and that a certain level of quality must be attained for me to feel validated in my writing. Additionally, my writing also hinges on my personal validation as a writing tutor. I hold myself to a much higher standard because I believe I owe it to my tutees. Being an English Teaching Major my work filters into my studies. I am very lucky that the job I have in college not only lends itself to my studies but to my future profession as well. It is so refreshing to hear my tutees say that I am going to be a good teacher after an especially good session.

Not only does it validate my recent choice to become an English teacher but it motivates me to only work harder and gain more knowledge. Moreover, the knowledge that I gain from my work coincides directly with the knowledge that I am gaining with my studies. At times it can be overwhelming being constantly bombarded with essays, albeit my students or my own, but it strengthens me as a writer. Tasks that previously seemed daunting are now becoming second nature to me. I find myself growing as both a tutor and a writer each day. I find peace in knowing that my journey as a writer and tutor are far from over and that I still have much to learn. I am grateful to be challenged each and every day, for I know it will only benefit me in the future.


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