Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Massacre...

Thursday morning, I slept, awoke, and cleaned the house in preparation for the arrival of my extended family. Thursday afternoon was full of food, laughs, and a strange quiz on the history of Thanksgiving (Which I tied for 1st place with my cousin...we each got 15/20 right... Hard test!) Thursday night, I picked up a friend and went to Best Buy for some Black Friday line-standing. Unfortunately, on the way down Ogden Canyon, a frakking deer decided to sacrifice herself to the gods of roadkill and hit my car with her whole self. It damaged my hood, front bumper, side panel, and grill. I took Mary (my car) in to the body shop today and it was over $2,500 worth of damages. Thank the heavens for insurance! I was pretty embarrassed because I pride myself on being a good driver and that's the second time she and I have had some sort of scary car-moment whilst in that canyon... CURSE YOU, OGDEN CANYON!

My beautiful red-headed car is now in surgery and will be in the hospital until next week.

That is how I spent my thanksgiving break... not to mention all of the Homework I did. :(


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