Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting There...

The chapter is coming along well. Since Claire asked me to take the lead on the OWLs, Brandi and I exchanged topics, and I am now writing about online tutoring. It is pretty cool because I have learned a lot about the topic by doing it, and now I get to write about it. It is also tricky because there is still not a lot of information regarding online tutoring. It is still a fairly new phenomenon.

I have noticed that we are one of the few university writing centers in the country that allows students to send entire papers (without even a page limit). Many of the leading colleges and universities have online writing labs, but they consist mainly of articles, guidelines, and advice. The ones that actually accept online submissions generally limit them to short questions or if they take papers, they have a page limit (usually three pages). It makes me really proud to be part of one of the few writing centers that goes as far as it does in trying to help its students.

As for how I feel about the book, I really like the idea. It is pretty cool to think we are actually writing a textbook, and one that hopefully will be used. Since it is coming from actual tutors, I think it will turn out really great. It will be relevant, informed, and full of insight. I am trying to finish the chapter this weekend. I really do not want to have to work during the Thanksgiving break. As I said in my earlier post, I am dying to have some down time and read something for fun.


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