Monday, November 07, 2011


As far as issues with diversity at Weber State University go, I think the university is doing a good job with making the students who don't fit the traditional white blonde hair blue eyes LDS mold feel welcome and accepted. It's fine for there to be an ethnic or, in this case, a religious majority. In fact, anywhere a person might travel on this earth, there's bound to be a certain group of people who outnumber other smaller groups of people. It seems that our school accepts the fact that most of the students are going to be " white and delight-some" faithful LDSers who all went on missions and who plan on staying in Utah for the rest of their lives while, at the same time, seeks to level the playing field for the rest of the students who don't fit that description.

Upholding a policy of tolerating diversity can also broaden the student-body's perception of the world. It's well known that Americans are regarded as being rude by people of different nationalities because of our tendency towards informality and our opinionated nature. But if one just takes a look around campus he or she will see many foreign students from a variety of countries and this is for the benefit of the student-body as a whole, since it affords us a glimpse into the effects of globalization. Should we just act like a doormat and adopt multiculturalism in order to replace the backwardness of Utah? The answers should be a resounding no! We Utards shouldn't completely forget that the dominate culture is the "white and delight-some" one. Racial issues aside, there needs to exist a dominant ethnic group in every society in order for there to be order. Just look at what happened in Iraq after we as a nation toppled Saddam Husein. The two ethnic groups that were vying for dominance, the Sunnis and the Shiites, were kept from killing each other because the former leader of that country was a Shiite. But now because there is no dominate ethnic group, they're killing each other left and right.

Thank God we live in the United States though. To be honest, our country's history is stained with the indelible legacy of racism, but thanks to the civil-rights movement, we now understand the concept of equal protection under the law. And it's because of our traditions of honoring the rule of law that there will never be a situation, at least on a larger scale, like the one in Iraq. As a matter of fact, if educating the younger generations is done right, then there doesn't need to be a dominate ethnic group, as the rule of law would act as a check against one group working to commit genocide against the other. And It's obvious that Weber State shares in the ideology that lends itself to the ideas expressed above and partakes in the spirit of honoring diversity.


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