Sunday, October 30, 2011


Only one of my classes had a midterm - and it was optional, so I chose not to take it. It was basically a make-up for people who didn't do well on the first two exams. I got an "A" on both exams, so I didn't really feel the need to take it. Other than that, things around here are going well. I'm more-or-less caught up on all my homework. I haven't really let it take me over yet, so that's unusual for this time of the semester.
On a less scholarly note, my book is almost ready for publishing - and by that I mean, the publisher is currently finishing up formatting and design of the cover, then it's off to print! HOORAY! A two and a half year writing project has finally died and is about to be immortalized in at least a few minds...

That's about all I got for now...
Except for a few movie recommendations.

"In Time" was a good film. It doesn't' have political overtones - it is political. It's basically Occupy Hollywood, but it was still entertaining to watch and had a fairly unique premise.

"Anonymous" is a great film and one that I will watch at least once more. It is very well done and has some not-so-well-known actors who show what they can do. Overall, Must See for anyone who enjoys Shakespeare.


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