Friday, October 21, 2011

The Need for Headship

After experiencing what a revolutionary classroom is, I'm leaning more towards a happy compromise between all-out anarchy and the more structured system we presently have. I believe that human beings need some sort of headship in all arenas of life. We see this in the family structure and in various forms of government. The idea that the father is the head of the household might seem a bit old fashioned, but I believe that humans naturally seek to identify who holds the position of headship in all things. Take for example a system of governance where individual voters are allowed to choose the people who will delegate laws. Even though the people collectively decide which persons get elected, it is still up to the politician to present him or herself as a leader of sorts. In a democratic republic such as the United States of America, regardless if the citizens are involved in the decision making process there still needs to be a person who represents the head of the nation, and that person is the President.The Classroom is no different.

The classroom is a learning environment,and so a completely democratic system of governance would not work at all. It is true that a professor does learn from his or her students, but that doesn't mean that every class period should be taken up with banter from students. The principle of headship needs to come into play here as well. Headship exists wherever humans do because humans gravitate towards it. Even in a Marxist society you'll find figure heads or personality cults. Yes it's true that the education system can stifle a student's intellectual development, but that shouldn't be cause for abandoning having structure.


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