Sunday, October 23, 2011

I like the idea of everyone learning from one another. I also like the idea of choosing what I want to learn when I want to learn it. But let's face it. I'm the type who needs deadlines. I need authority. And maybe I was just conditioned into believing this is the best way for me, but it's working.

If we went to class, and conditions were as they were the Friday before last, we might learn a lot, and we might gain insight and inspiration. However, if I want to learn the details of special relativity, I doubt it will be found in an English class where a bunch of people are sitting in a circle talking.

Say, my science classes were structured this way too. Instead of being among English majors, I am among science majors. The more advanced science majors, or shall I say, the science majors who have sat around in more circles than I, will be able to teach me a great deal, I'm sure. But through the years, the knowledge will become less and less. That is, if we made the drastic turn from the way it is now to the way we conducted class that Friday, we'd no longer be relying on authority to teach us but on people like me who have only learned what I know from other people who have learned from other people who are all not authorities on the subject.

This sounds like a slippery slope, but all I am saying is there needs to be some structure and some authority.


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