Friday, November 25, 2011


My wife and I drove down to Monroe on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with my wife's family. Yesterday morning we went out to the middle of nowhere to shoot guns and rifles. It was a lot of fun. I had not shot anything since I was in Individual Augmentee training in South Carolina. After that, we came home and stuffed our faces.

Today, we went to the mountain and cut down Christmas trees for the entire family. Being the California dude that I am, I did not have the proper shoes, so I was sliding all over the place. While bringing down my tree, I ate some serious snow and had the tree fall on top of me. I survived.

As fun as this all was, now I am really ready for school to be over so that I can visit my family in California. I have really been looking forward to having a drink with my old man. It has become tradition for us to catch up over a rum and coke. I am also looking forward for some authentic Mexican (and home-made!) food. My mom's shrimp cocktail, tamales, tacos, and birria have no equal. We are planning on going to Universal Studios and maybe Knott's Berry farm.

For now, Thanksgiving is over, and I have a lot of work to catch up on: my Kafka paper for 3210, an International Politics paper and presentation, and a History module. I also have to get some OWLs done that I promised Claire I would take care of over the weekend. So yeah... back to work for another week.


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