Thursday, November 17, 2011

Slacker Response

Now that NCUR submissions are closed, my end of semester just involves writing three large-ish papers. No sweat! My procrastination methods involve heavy amounts of RSS feeds like this:


Filmdrunk is my favorite movie news site because Vince Mancini almost always writes what I'm thinking about movies. Take the Brave trailer listed above. Nothing in that trailer excites me or makes me want to see the movie. It feels like How to Train Your Dragon but with a GIRL!!! OMG! Vince sums it up when he says, "Because female leads are awesome, but not if you’re just going to write a male lead and then pull some Ms. Pacman shit where you throw a bow on him and act like it’s a new game. I’m not stupid, man, I can tell the difference between a girl and a dude with a bow in his hair (I live in San Francisco, it’s a useful skill here)."


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