Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Bingo & the BEST Pie on Earth

Since moving to Utah I’ve spent every Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family. With 22 younger cousins running around, it’s always an adventure. This year my husband and I decided to have our own Thanksgiving meal, which was quite delicious, and join the family for dessert. Dessert was awesome! We had all sorts of pies but the absolute best pie—in fact I would say the best pie on earth—was the Almond Crunch from Sandy's Fine Foods. It had candied pecans smothered in amaretto whip cream. After indulging in a piece of heaven, we were on to Bingo where all of the cousins play for wrapped gifts—most of which are gag gifts. It’s quite the tradition! I actually lucked out and got nail polish and a movie. But some of the least-prized items include fake fruit, an over-sized clown bow tie, and even a plunger this year, haha. I also participated in my first and LAST Black Friday. I was shocked at how crazy people are to get a mediocre deal. You should have seen the shoppers clawing off plastic wrap to get to Tupperware and other goods. Other than that, I’ve been working on my literature review which is quite impressive considering that what I really want to be doing is 100-percenting the new Lego Harry Potter game. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their holiday break!


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