Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Is It Really the Last Week?

This semester has been a lot of fun. I would have to agree with Brandi that above all, it has been a wonderful learning experience. I feel more confident in my own writing, and I have noticed that I am getting much better at finding the right words, both when writing and when speaking.

I have spent a lot of time responding to OWLs, so I have written a ton this semester. This is also the first semester that I have worked over 15 hours while going to school full time, and I found that while it can be really difficult at times, it is also really rewarding. With that said, I am still really looking forward to the break. I am excited to be done with all my classes this semester and to move on to my last year of college. To most people, getting a college degree is nice, but I doubt it means as much to most people as it will mean to me, as no one in my family ever even got an elementary education.

The workshops were especially intense this semester. I did quite a bit of public speaking in the Navy as an administrative non-commissioned officer, but this was totally different. This is much more challenging. It is not just the passing of information, but actual teaching. The workshops also taught me rules that I did not even know until I started working here. I often wonder how I got through English 1010 and 2010 without ever being taught those rules.

I am really grateful to Dr. Rogers and Claire for their support this semester. I am also really glad that I got to take a class and work with a bunch of really intelligent, ambitious, and kind bunch of guys and girls.Merry Christmas, peeps.


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