Sunday, December 16, 2012

Student Change

Tutoring this fall has definitely changed how I approach my education and has had an effect on how I write.  Before I started tutoring, with out a doubt, I paid less attention to my grammar and punctuation.  I believe the main reason I made more grammatical errors in the past was because grammar was not as much as a priority in my prior academic work.  Moreover, from proof reading other students' papers, I have realized how important it is to read my papers before handing in the final draft.  I have found that the majority of students' errors can be attributed to them not proofreading their papers before coming to the Writing Center, and they realize these errors and fix them as we are reading through their papers.
Becoming a tutor may effect the way they see themselves as students, and it is obvious, at least to me, why tutoring effects the way the way they view themselves.  Being a tutor might change the way a tutor feels about themselves or their writing, and hopefully it is for the best, but tutors, in my opinion must realize they are students just like the students they provide assistance for.  I believe I have become more aware of my writing abilities, and lack of, from my tutoring experience.    Right now I am on an airplane going to Houston and eventually Florida.


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