Friday, December 14, 2012

Quotes, Notes, and Change; Dec 2 Prompt

Quotes, Notes, and Change
The one thing I wish I had known at the beginning of the semester that I know now is I should have brought a separate notebook to write down all the amazing quotes that Dr. Rogers speaks in class. While I did write them down in my classroom notes, some still escaped from my pen. The two be quotes that I wrote down, after realizing that Dr Rogers is a fount of metaphors and similes, would have to be, “English is the language that roughs up other languages in the alley, then searches their pockets for loose grammar principles,” and, this is a paraphrase since I forgot to write it down, “It was like a grammatical Escher drawing.” I could only hope to take another class from Dr. Rogers so I can rectify my failure to write down his random, hilarious quotes.

The advice I would give to all new tutors coming in next year is simply: Be open minded and be willing to change. There have been several times this semester that my own paradigms and schemas have been challenged and changed for the better. The tutors, instructors, office assistants, and professors with which we tutors interact are an infinite source of knowledge and perspectives. They all offer unique perspectives that will be crucial to your experience as a tutor.


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