Thursday, December 13, 2012

8 Steps to Thanksgiving

Prompt 11/12/2012 (Week 12):

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Here are my plans for Thanksgiving in an easy to follow 8-step program.

Step 1: Find yourself a family to mooch off of. No one wants to actually cook Thanksgiving (except for those weird culinary people) so what you need to do is find a home that is already planning on cooking it. Preferably your parents. It’s the holidays and they won’t be able to resist letting you stay with them for a few days, right? Perfect.

Step 2: Be needlessly enthusiastic about whatever new twist your parents have come up with for this season. Are you watching America’s Next Top Model instead of football? Sounds great! When’s dinner?

Step 3: Play with the family dog. Chances are that Seymour is going to be a little neglected with all the comings and goings of the rest of the family. Make sure that the family dog is happy and you’ll be happy. Also, if Aunt Rosie is asking, for the third time, about that cute friend that you went bowling with that one weekend and posted pictures to Facebook, Seymour will be there to distract everyone with his lovable antics. Good boy, Seymour!


Step 5: If you paid attention to Step 5, great! It’s dinner time! Chow down on all the delicious food and beverage. This may be the last time you eat this semester, so make it a good one.

Step 6: While everyone else is in a tryptophan induced stupor, quickly bag and freeze leftovers for later. You won’t be cooking during finals week, that’s for sure.

Step 7: Either actually have a good time being with your siblings or pretend to have a good time being with your siblings. The pictures will look the same in five years.

Step 8: Get into an entirely too competitive Wii Sports contest with your 4-year old nephew. Try not to actually cry when he beats you in that cow racing game five times in a row. At least you can always beat the crap out of your brother-in-law at fencing. But try not to actually jab him with the remote in the ribs again. No one wants to relive the Easter of ‘11.

There you go! An easy to follow 8 step program, designed to aid anyone (or just me) through the holidays!


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