Thursday, December 13, 2012

Different Kinds of Writing

Prompt 9/30/2012 (Week 6):

How did you learn how to write the kinds of essays/papers expected of you at the
university (argumentative, researched, analytical, etc.)? Did you come here more or less
knowing how to do it? Was there a learning curve?

The only way that I have learned to write different types of essays is by reading different types of essays. Growing up, I have noticed that my mom has always been a big fan of magazines. Particularly, National Geographic. When you’re a kid, you look at National Geographic for the tiger pictures and not so much for the walls of text in between the tiger pictures. But when you get to be a bit older, those walls of text turn into fascinating stories about people from India, the millions of breeds of orchids, the dust bowl, and vaccines. I think that I’ve learned more about how to write a good essay from National Geographic than from any other source.

National Geographic isn’t the only literature we had in the house. Even from a young age, it was easy to pick up on the different tones from all the different sources of text. I could tell that the books that were written for my age group sounded different than the local newspaper. I think that this is where I first started to differentiate, for example, between an analytical text and an argumentative text. But I certainly did not come to the university knowing how to write this way. I have had to try my hand at the different types and fail before I felt confident in knowing how to write that way.

The learning curve wasn’t too bad because I’ve always enjoyed writing for the sake of writing. I love putting words on paper or putting ideas on the screen. I love learning how to write something new. I expect that my college career will involve learning how to become a well-rounded writer and I look forward to it.


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