Thursday, December 13, 2012

ENGL 2010

Prompt 10/21/2012 (Week 9):

If you took a Composition course (ENGL 1010 or 2010 or whatever), what was it like?
What kinds of papers did you write? What was the day-to-day classroom experience
like? If you didn't take Composition, what have you heard about the course?

More importantly, why do you think the course was taught the way it was?

I was able to test out of taking ENGL 1010, so I jumped right to ENGL 2010. It was my second semester at WSU, and I took the class from Steven Shurtleff. This professor, for the majority of you that have never heard of him, is sort of an odd person in general. He’s incredibly smart, with a degree in Ancient Language or something, and only teaches ENGL 2010 at Weber State. He teaches through lecture, and we covered a lot of difficult to broach subjects in that class.

We had three essays to turn in. They were required to be our best work, and so I spent more time on those essays than I had for any essay up to that point. It didn’t occur to me to go to the writing center for help as a freshman, though I wish that I had. I remember feeling proud of the A that I earned in that class. He never returned my final essay and I’ve always wanted to know what his comments were on it. The skills that I learned while writing those essays have remained useful for every other essay that I’ve written since then.

I think that the course was taught the way it was because he was trying to foster critical thinking and discussion. Unfortunately, we had a real lack of discussion in that class. I felt many times like I was the only one who had questions. The course was effective in that I felt that my views and thoughts were actually being challenged and expanded.  It was a nice change from high school. Some of the lectures were really depressing, others gave me hope. And at the end of the class, I felt like I left a better and more considerate person.

I can’t remember specific lectures, but I can remember times where I wished I could teach and inspire with the same intensity, and that has stayed with me.


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