Friday, December 14, 2012

Comp Stomp Oct 21 Prompt

Comp Stomp
While I did not attend WSU for my undergrad, I did attend a composition course at a different university. What I find mostly disheartening about my compositional class is that I really have to strain to remember the class. Luckily, I do still have my papers that I wrote for that class.

From the papers that I do have, I can see what the professor of my class was trying to do. The coursework was very similar to English 955 and 1010. We wrote a personal narrative/memoir for ourselves, a memoir of someone else, responses to assigned articles, and several summaries.

In class, we would talk about some small grammar mistakes common to freshman college students. Sometimes we would do in-class writing exercises. While I do not have any particular knowledge regarding the purposes of the assignments given in the course, I speculate that the intention of the professor was to teach his students some common, every day, writing skills.

Since not all students taking a freshman English class are English majors, I would imagine that the assignments were geared more toward teaching students how to function on a college level for writing letters, stories, or other typical formats that anyone will use throughout their life.


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