Friday, December 14, 2012

Cultural Exposure; Nov. 3 Prompt

Cultural Exposure
While I think it is important to keep another student’s personal background in mind, part of being in a different culture is absorbing that culture’s beliefs. Sometimes, that’s not always possible or even encouraged because that student will return to their native culture after a certain period of time.

Each culture has its own particular quirks that foreigners might not understand or even agree with. The example given in the prompt of sexism is a common problem among other cultures. American culture, in particular, is the least sexist culture in the world. That is not to say Americans are not sexist; there are a great deal of sexists and bigots in this country. However, in other countries, women are not even considered first class citizens.

With regards to the questions about racism of a Sourtherner being tutored by a black student, they have every right to ask to be tutored by a white student. Do I agree with their decision to be tutored by a white student than a black student? No, and I am sure that the student understands that the people who surround him here at WSU do not share his racist beliefs.

Perhaps it is the personal I am, but I try not to judge others for their opinions, even if their views are sexist or racist because, as far as they are probably concerned, I am the one with the lack of judgment or incorrect belief.

Each person has their own unique culture that has shaped who they are. Even in the US, there are countless milieus that often conflict with others. If we all believed and supported the same ideals, then we would not be able to fully develop. Without the bad, we would not know the good.


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