Friday, December 14, 2012

Turkey and Birthday...Pie?; Nov 12 Prompt

Turkey and Birthday…Pie?
Since Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I am writing this blog at the end of the semester, being the wonderful procrastinator that I am, I will simply write what I did for Thanksgiving this year.

My mother’s brother and father came out from Colorado to spend the holiday with her and my family. I had not seen my uncle in several years, and I had not seen my grandpa since Christmas 2010, so it was really nice to have the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving with them.

The Thanksgiving holiday holds a little more for me personally because my birthday usually falls on the same week. This year, my birthday happened to fall on Black Friday, the 23rd, and it was not just any birthday, but it was my thirtieth birthday. I was really grateful for the chance I had to celebrate Thanksgiving and my thirtieth birthday with my uncle and grandpa in addition to my family. 


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