Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Most Difficult

As I have voiced in class, my most difficult subjects to tutor tend to be in the sciences. I often get to the end of the paper, and I still don't know what the student is talking about--and I hate that. However, I can tell if there are big gaps in logic because I am paying extra attention to subject with these papers so that I can somewhat follow in. Honestly, I hate science and have no interest in it whatsoever. Therefore, it is really difficult for me to read something that I feel forced into. I also find it difficult to tutor ESL students. They are so kind and eager to learn but sometimes I feel like more speciality training would be beneficial in these sessions. Sometimes I am just not sure how to explain basic English principles. English 955 can be challenging because of a lack of motivation from the student. These sessions also probe the scenario of what happens when you can't even get through a paragraph without stopping every few words because syntax and grammar are so mixed up. These sessions can also be the most rewarding because students are immersed with learning in a short time span. Overall, the student's attitude really depends on if a session is difficult. That is what really matters. I can pretend I care about science for a half hour if the student is willing to try to learn something from me.


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