Saturday, November 13, 2010


My experience with diversity up at Weber has been positive as far as I can tell. I never limited myself from classes or people because they might be different, probably because I felt different. I think that my favorite experience in diversity has been while in the Art department. There, I have been exposed to so many new ways of thinking about not just art, but about how people may view life and why that is expressed through art. I think it’s easier to see the diversity in the Art department because there is a product, like a painting, that shows what that person’s episteme or discourse reflects. In a lot of other classes, that is usually only shown to the teachers through papers and other assignments. I think that diversity is so important in the Writing Center because every student that walks through the door is going to have a different view on life. It is important to keep an open mind when seeing that new view for the first time.


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