Sunday, October 31, 2010

If not Calvin, then what?

Oh boy. This is tough. If I had my way, and we could do a bibliographic essay on any topic under the sun, I would do mine on John Calvin. The thought of it makes me quiver a little. In fact I think I am actually salivating a little bit right now just thinking about it. So not joking. I would love to have an excuse to do research on my favorite reformer, and to present to readers some hopefully-decent scholarship that could chip away a little at the popular caricatures of Calvin and also be a fascinating and fun read.

But I can't do that, can I? Hm. Yeah, I don't quite know how to write about writing (or reading), but obviously I am going to have to find out soon. Maybe I'll do it on something Freire said, or Bartholomae. I like Kristen's idea of discussing ESL methods and strategies, because that subject just seems so culturally and intellectually rich to me. Not as rich as that Calvinator, though. The Pope of Geneva. The personification of badassness. Just had to shake up our little world, didn't ya? Go on witcho badself. Oowee.


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