Sunday, November 14, 2010

You know, as strange as it sounds, I find English to be the most difficult to tutor. The reason really has to do with attitude. Nine times out of ten, tutees from classes besides English are invested in their work. It seems that the amount of tutees from English classes that are invested in their work is significantly less. I think the reason for this is the type of English student we see the most. I don't usually see upper division English students very often so this is more an issue with required English classes like Dev English, 1010 & 2010. I still enjoy the session with English tutees, as long as they enjoy it, that is writing the paper. It is fairly rare that I have a session that really drains me. If the tutee isn't engaged (which is the only case in which I lose my energy quickly), I simply read through the paper, and ask them what they would like to address, address that and call it a session. My job is to help people become better writers, I am not going to accomplish that by doing all the work for the tutee.


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