Saturday, October 02, 2010

Screaming Monkey Heads!

With regards to Vampires, when you are changed into a different being, you are also subject to a whole new set of instincts and natural reactions to the world around you. Just as Dogs are able to hear and smell on a different level than humans, so are the undead able to understand and view the world on a different level. This would mean that a vampire would be able to understand a human's invitation to enter the home on an elemental level. Now, a vampire also relies on a certain level of social prowess to achieve entrance into a home. So, the effectiveness of receiving such an invitation would be directly correlated to the vampire's capacity to suavely, though we cannot rule out the possibility of a vampire being invited inside on the premise of being a vagrant, beggar, or unfortunate tourist. This kind of invitation could be given regardless of intent, whereas the former would be understood on the elemental and instinctive level based on the intent of the owner of the home.

As for the rest of life, it is going swimmingly! Just playing lots of music, writing lots of stories, and reading lots of literature!!! Life is good.


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