Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall is on My Mind

What's on my mind?

I just had a grilled cheese sandwich—heaven on earth.

What really is on my mind would be a bit too personal for a class blog post :) I can tell you that over the past seven weeks I have been sorting out a lot of feelings so that I can look with confidence in the future. I am starting to regain that hope for my future. Actually, maybe that is more in my heart than on my mind.

I have been thinking (in my mind) about my goal of becoming a teacher. When I go into the eighth grade English classes to observe, I am amazed at how well the teacher disciplines her students. Disciplining scares me! How do you do it? Yikes! I have been impressed with the things the discussions some of these eighth grade English classes are having. They revolve around theme, foreshadowing, irony, and other literary devices. There is hope for the future generation—so much of this depends on the quality of the teacher.

Fall is on my mind. Here it is--the dying of another year. I love the season because of the weather, crisp air, and exploding colors on the mountains. It also makes me wonder what I have really done this year. I am yearning for the fall of 2011 not to sneak up on me as quickly as this fall has. I want to embrace the fall because I know once the whiteness of winter sweeps our world, I will be longing for the oranges and red.


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