Friday, October 01, 2010

Thoughts during the beginning of October....

This prompt reminds me that I don't have time to think about anything. I recently realized that I am attending 23 credit hours worth of class and I will not be doing that again! I am taking a few precious moments right now to reflect on the time of year and what it means to me.

-Next week is half-way....HALLELUJAH!!!!! I might actually make it through this semester!

-Holidays are going to suffer at my house because I don't have time to get into the spirit right now. I guess I'm not much of a Halloween person anyway so..... eh. I am going to leave the Thanksgiving gaggle to other members of my family this year. I am pretty sure my head would actually explode if i had to plan another Thanksgiving get-together this year! I am way stoked for Christmas and can't wait for it to get here...pretty much because it means Christmas break!

-I am with Katie on the season. I LOVE the fall. I love the weather of fall and I love even more that the fall means snow is on the way. Although snowboarding is not allowed to be on my agenda this year, I will enjoy the season anyway. There's always cross-country skiing which is also fantastic in Utah!

-Unfortunately my travel plans for fall break are starting to look like a pipe dream but maybe that means I will get to see the family during Christmas break. I hope so anyway!

As the fall rolls in and with it, the cooler weather, I find myself more tempted to venture away from my homework and studies. I will do my best to resist but..... :D


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