Friday, October 01, 2010

My mind

While contemplating what I was going to write about, it occurred to me that perhaps life is just a culmination of those we appreciate throughout our life. For me, the idea of brilliance brings to mind my little brother. However, I have not come to the conclusion of how to thank him for his contribution to my life.

Should I buy him something? If so, what should I buy him? Or does buying him something send the wrong message, that I am trying to buy him off? But really if I bought him something, would it encompass the gratitude that I have for what he has done to help me or would it overshadow the idea of respect. However, this is the solution that I have come to.

This prompt is my contribution to him and thus my gratitude will be embedded within these words, captured within this blog. Thank you Glenn.


Blogger Claire said...

Another good oreo cupcake might "sweeten" the pot.

6:03 PM  

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