Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Minor Blog on Learning Styles

This is just a short entry on a time that I told a student about his learning style.

I had a student that came in today and we worked on his paper for English 1010. We talked about several different things, such as wording and confused sentences. We also talked about commas and IC/DC methods of figuring out where to place a comma in a sentence. I wrote the rules down so that he could see them and better understand them. When I came to an introductory word, I told him how many introductory words are adverbs and often end in -ly. He immediately began to write himself a note aside of the paper to help him remember the concept. Seeing that he was probably somewhere between a kinesthetic and visual learner, I commented on how writing things down may be a good way for him to remember and better learn the concepts in the current session and in the class as a whole. After that, he made several other notes on his paper about things that we discussed. It was cool to see how his learning style helped him to connect to his own paper and the points in the paper that needed reviewing.


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