Monday, October 07, 2013

Random Thoughts

Matthew Kunes--Blog 6

I really don't know what to talk about.

I have quite a few things coming up: Fall break, Halloween, and a whole lot of school between now and then. Tutoring has slowed down, but I'm sure it will pick up right on time for midterms.

Is it bad that I am continually checking my email and facebook instead of cracking down and actually writing this blog post?

As for homework, I have one other small writing assignment for another class due this week, in addition to the two reflections for this class. I guess you all know what I'll be doing after I crack 500 words on this post, then.

Well, this blog post sounds real depressing. I haven't even hit 150 words yet.

I'd like to say that nothing else is on my mind, but that strictly isn't true. I have a Halloween costume to design, after all, and that takes time. If nothing else, I have something that will keep me busy over fall break next week.

As for what else I have been up to, well, I recently finished reading Conrad's Heart of Darkness. I thought it was good, but I think I would appreciate it more if I understood the time period better. At the very least, it wasn't long.

I think I have reached the point where tutoring has become close to second nature when I clock into my shifts. I no longer worry unduly about the kind of papers I will have to go over. I have gained a measure of confidence when I give advise to improve college writing.

I've read more personal narratives than I can count, and I've gone over the rules of APA and MLA style enough that I hardly need the pamphlets as reference anymore.

In any case, things are finally settling down into a comfortable rhythm.


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