Friday, October 04, 2013

DMV, Oh, How I Miss Thee

I really want to go home. That is what is on my mind.
I miss my culture. I miss the great seafood, pot roast from Bob Evans, real fried chicken and soul food, amazing Asian food, and my Aunt Pam’s chocolate mousse. I miss being able to feed any craving late in the night because most places do not close until after midnight. I miss the loud music, old school car’s trunks bumping with the oldest and latest hits, and musicians playing anything from go-go to jazz on the corners. I miss going to any store and finding Redskins gear to spurge on. I miss shopping in stores that have clothes that fit my style and curves. I miss Sunday morning, watching people march down the street to church in their best wears. I miss the bumper to bumper traffic coming or going home or to school. I miss going to the bars and night clubs in D.C., where I partied until three in the morning. I miss hearing the sirens that constantly passed my home, and the arguments of my crazy neighbors.
I miss my friends and family. I miss my wild best friend who is always down for a great time, especially, scoping for cute boys. I miss my baby sisters: Ti, who might as well be called grumpy Mulatto Smurf; Seych, my blond haired, blue eyed rock star (she is actually Black…and an anomaly); Squeak, my other blond haired, blue eyed friend who is just as Black as anyone I have ever met; and finally, Ash, who is my goofy girlfriend with supermodel legs and towers over all of us. And, let me not forget my brothers: Ky, the smartest, most argumentative person in the group besides me; my older brother, Mike, who produces the hottest music in the area with his older brother; Darnell, who tattooed the love of fast cars into my heart; and the twins Vic and Vince, who is in the Army stationed in Washington, and the other one is the quiet and (newly) party boy, respectively. I miss my moms, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Even though, we only get together for special occasions, the closeness and laughter never fades.
I miss my school and city. I miss being able to walk to the bus stop from my house or dorm, hop on the metro, and get to another place, or even state, in under an hour. I miss my school, Towson University. I miss seeing the black and gold everywhere. I miss having to take the bus to each building on campus because the school was so huge. I miss the friendly citizens of the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia), who would speak and ask how you were doing, even if they had never seen you a day in their life. I miss being able to get freebies and an extra helping of food just because you are “fam” to them.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I miss my home. I miss my Maryland. And, I cannot wait to take the road trip with my best friends in my old white Hyundai, “La Blanca Diabla,” after graduation this spring to get there.


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