Saturday, October 05, 2013

1010 Common Core & Writing Center

Earlier this week, the TA's got our teaching assignments for next semester. Consequently, I've been thinking about next semester's teaching, and how what we have discussed in class, and how my experiences in the writing center, will play into how and what I teach.
I know that our curriculum will be set by the department with a Common Core in mind. I'm glad this will be in place, because professors and instructors both outside and inside the English department will know what students exiting 1010 have learned. This will also give me more breathing room to focus on how I teach, rather than fretting about the "what".  From my understanding, teachers will have the opportunity to create our own "contact zones", or as Dr. Rogers calls it, our own "hobby horse" as a focal point for learning. I'd like to hear how the other TAs are going to approach this.
Requiring 1010 students to go to the Writing Center seems to be a good idea. Students will have an excuse to use the center. People who are shy of seeking help, or even just another pair of eyes to look over a paper will have to come in to the Writing Center and discover all the great things that go on here.


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