Monday, October 07, 2013

Slacking on Life

I have been slacking in my life lately. Right now I am thinking about Christmas, and what I can do for all of my loved ones. When I become overwhelmed the first thing to go is communication. I have a difficult time keeping in touch with my loved ones. My parents live in St. George, and my in-laws are in Canada. My husband and I are both far from our families, which makes our relationship to crucial. It has been a difficult semester for the both of us, with me pulling late nights nearly every evening. Most days I get home around 7 or 8. My poor Canadian husband, not being able to work without a working visa, has to hold down the fort while I am gone. This includes taking care of our cat and brand new kitten. So, to reward him for his hard work and patience, I decided that for Christmas I am going to buy him tickets to his favorite hockey team, the Chicago Blackhawks. He has also been dying to go to Chicago, so I am seizing the opportunity and also booking a week there. I look forward to this much needed vacation time and a chance to spend time together. This has also opened the door to communication with my in-laws and parents. I am requesting that in place of any other Christmas gift, that they instead make contributions to the Chicago vacation fundraiser.  Additionally, I have began thinking of I am going to get my family. All of my money will be poured into the Chicago trip, so it will be a homemade Christmas. I enjoy homemade gifts more because they are more personal.  I enjoy spending my days thinking about what I can do for the people I love. All of this has really put me in the Christmas spirit. 


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