Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Cut Yourself Some Slack(er prompt)

Recently, I had an epiphany: The TEDTalks stage is to me what Madison Square Garden is to musicians/athletes. I think it would be awesome to make it there, to have something worth saying. I really enjoy watching those talks and look up to the presenters, especially the ones who speak on language. I also envy writers of TV shows. They have to write continually, creating characters and conflicts that engage audiences. I understand that shows use teams, but sometimes the teams are very small. I would love to see a team of writers working on a show. It seems like it would be inspiring. TV shows, more than movies, allow for character development and attachment. I get so involved in TV shows and how the character relationships progress. I would love to write something people became that invested in. I don't have much else to say as far as slacking goes. I'm working on a long paper for my MENG 6010 class about Narrative Theory and the presence of riddles/enigmas in literature as a means for a protagonist to prove his or her worthiness. It's proving to be difficult but very engaging and interesting.


Blogger A.K. Packer said...

I like how you compare the TED talks with athletic prowess. Nice link between the two.

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