Sunday, October 13, 2013

Metacognitive Dissonance

That title sounds impressive, but it isn't that great. Also, I feel like I mixed up blog prompts, so this is my learning styles one since I already did a good slacker prompt. Basically, learning styles are something that I learned a lot about in my undergrad as well as my time as tutor (while helping Claire prepare workshops/presentations on ACT prep and College Prep). We talked a lot about them, and I even presented at the Rocky Mountain Peer Tutoring Conference on "Metacognition and the writing process." We talked about zombies. It was fun. Anywho, I am very much a kinesthetic learner, always bouncing my leg or fiddling with a pen. I have to keep my hands occupied or I can't focus. I am also a heavy auditory learner. While my hands are busy, they can't be busy taking notes. I don't take notes very well. I've learned strategies for it, but it just doesn't help me. I used the same notebook for 2 18-credit semesters because I took so few notes. I listen and understand. Some students are unsure of their learning styles - they have a metacognitive dissonance. That's fine. It's understandable. We, as tutors, need to help guide them to metacognitive clarity. If they are able to figure out how they learn, they will be able to better understand what they're learning. -Eric


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