Sunday, October 27, 2013

Joke Class

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This week I get to talk about my English 2010 class. Thankfully, I got to skip over English 1010 because of my ACT score. My English 2010 class felt like a joke class most days. I made it to every class, but I really did not feel like I needed to be there most of the time. It was extremely easy and we only had to write about five papers for the entire semester.

I thought my English 2010 class was going to be a plethora of papers or at least a lot of busy work, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that we had few papers to write and the busy work was done in class. We had to write a one page journal entry every day based on a topic that the professor gave us. That was the busy work part. The other writing assignments we did were papers. A few of the papers we wrote were a one to two page “logos, ethos, and pathos” paper, a two to three page restaurant review, and a three to four page literary analysis. For our final, we had to write a ten page paper on a career that we were interested in going into along with an annotated bibliography. After our paper was written, we gave a presentation about our chosen career in class.

The day to day classroom experience was, like I mentioned earlier, a joke. Our class had a bunch of people that liked to goof off. Our professor made the class feel like we were back in Kindergarten. She was really young and the students in the class gave her a hard time. Sometimes class lessons were based on the “They Say, I Say, with Readings,” but sometimes class periods were based on looking at magazines or watching Youtube videos. It bothered me that much of the class used examples from pop culture. I think this was done to keep the students interested in English, but, in my opinion, the use of pop culture brought down the “academic feel” of the class.

I do not know the actual reason that the class was taught the way it was, but my guess is that the overall goal of the class was to get the students interested in English and see how it is used in the world today. Much of the class was to look at our major and introspect about how English might be important when we enter the world after college. Reading, writing, and speaking skills are necessary points to most, if not all, possible careers. Much of the class also gave examples of how English is used in pop culture, which I think was used to keep students coming to the class rather than skipping. If this was the intention, it worked very well. Students did not miss class very often.

My English 2010 class was easy and fun, but I do not think I got very much out of it. I do not think that the class made my English or writing any better. I do not remember much of the material, but what I do remember of it did not impress me. From what I understood, the intention of the class was to improve writing and help us see the relevance of writing in our careers. Some aspects of the class were helpful, but most of it felt like a waste of time.



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