Monday, October 14, 2013

Blog 7

I’m kind of stressed out right now, so this blog post may turn out pretty bad. Please bear with me. I’m taking eighteen credit hours this semester AND working, so I feel like I’m playing a constant game of catch-up. Don’t ask me why I’m taking so many credits. It just kind of happened that way. I normally take fifteen credit hours per semester, since I have the ability to take classes tuition-free because of my scholarship. One is usually an honors class, for my Aletheia requirement, and the rest are normally business classes. Sometimes during registration I get into this optimistic/idealistic/unrealistic mode and I may sign up for another class that I don’t really need but want to take anyway, or agree to help out with a university organization that I’ve been asked to join. I forgot what eighteen credits felt like, and now I feel like going back in time and kicking my over-excited, ambitious self. But becoming a writing tutor was a really pleasant, unexpected surprise. I walked into the Writing Center with a recommendation and walked out with a job. It was really great, and I definitely appreciate the extra income. When I’m not helping students with their papers, I’m usually working on homework for the tutor class or for another class. I hope the other tutors don’t think I’m anti-social because lately I just don’t have much time for conversations. On Friday, I applied for an internship through the Walker Institute (thanks for your help Matt & Claire!), which I hope will lead to a political/financial internship here or in Washington D.C. I’ve lived a pretty sheltered life, so the possibility of living on my own in Washington D.C. is both exciting and frightening. I also want to apply for a summer internship with Goldman Sachs or Zions Bank. Goldman is a lot more competitive and their application deadline is in November, so I’ll be focusing on them first. I met one of their recruiters at the Goddard School’s Business and Industry Night last Wednesday (hooray for inside contacts) so hopefully she’ll remember me when my application shows up on her desk. Studying for the LSAT and the GMAT is another thing floating around in the back of my mind. I need to take them this summer, the plan being that should I choose to pursue a JD/MBA, I will have both scores to bolster my application to graduate school. Oh, and I also want to try out for WSU Orchestra in the fall of next year, so I should start practicing again soon so that I have something decent to play at the audition. So now that you know about my big plans for the next year or so, I think I will end this before I start to ramble again.


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