Monday, October 14, 2013


Right now I am thinking about the European trip my husband and I are planning next year. Ever since I graduated from high-school there is nothing I wanted more than to get away; to get lost. I crave unfamiliarity and strangeness. I want to find myself not knowing where I will sleep at night or where I will be the next day. The absence of security; something I have had my whole life. Financial security, emotional security, physical security. Although it provided me with a pleasant and happy life, it did little for my growth and understanding of the world. There is something about Europe that has always called to me. The allure of the landscape, the diverse cultures, the rich history, the people. As I immersed myself in my education, I found the challenge of escape daunting. There was never a right moment. Before now, I was not financially stable, I was in a steady relationship, and I was knee-deep in schoolwork. It did not seem as though I would ever make it to Europe. 

However, after getting married in June, my husband and I found ourselves stable enough to dream. We finally decided that after next summer, when he graduated with his BA degree, we would be Europe-bound for several months. I would postpone my degree, and pick up right where I left off when I got home. Our first destination will be Ireland, and then we will make our way to the mainland. We are going to head up to Scandinavia while the weather is reasonable, and eventually make our way down along the French Rivera to the coast of Italy while the beaches are still warm. From there, we will infiltrate the mountainous areas in Europe, and spend the rest of our time bumming from city-to-city, doing our best to see all the splendor of Europe. We may have to make some adjustments to hit up festivals such as: La Tomatia in Spain, and Octoberfest in Germany. Needless to say, we are ecstatic with this decision. We spend all of our days researching all things Europe. We are aware of our station in life, and the uncertainty of the future. This motivates us all the more to pursue our dreams.


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