Sunday, October 20, 2013

To boldly go where no tutor is expected to really want to quickly go to. . . .

I already posted on this (years ago), but I discussed how "ending a sentence with a preposition is bad" was the biggest myth I knew of.  The discussion we had on that (and split infinitives) were the most interesting ones we talked about.  To sloppily write a sentence (or worse a paper) might make a teacher wonder whom the student was writing for.  The student did not think about the audience they were writing for.

First we talked about prepositions, then we talked about split infinitives after.  It was interesting to learn where these rules originated from; I never thought about what English grammar was influenced by.  I am now much more aware of all of these "superstitions" going on.  I see them often during a session and sometimes see them after.

People using passive voice was also discussed during.  Of course, these archaic rules are often broken by writers without realizing it because, while writing the paper, they threw their whole voice and informal tone in.

This was a lot harder than I expected it to really be, and these rules might be seen as silly, but when it comes to this blog, future tutors might be required to read through -- I know whom I am writing for. :)


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