Monday, October 01, 2012

Slacker Prompt

I hope I was not the inspiration behind the slacker prompt.  After three years of not being in school, I am now reminded of nights spent writing and trying to beat the clock. Unfortunately, the clock has walked away with an occasional victory.  That being said, I am still in the fight and refuse to lie down on the canvas.  The explanation behind the race against the clock can be attributed to poor time management.  In the beginning of the semester I assumed I would be able to do all my homework while I was working in the writing center, but this has proven to be a bit presumptuous.  Being in school has refreshed my memory and I remember now that I suffer from writing attention deficit disorder (WADD).  In order for me to be able to write I must have no distractions.  Though the writing center might seem to be an optimal place to do homework, those who suffer from WADD may have difficulty writing in environments with social distractions. 
            I know now that I need to better manage my time in order to make all of my deadlines. Now that I have a plan, all I need to do is execute it.  I have been laying on the ropes too long, and it is time for me to get on ball.  


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