Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What an easy semester!

This semester has been so weird for me, but it definitely is the good kind of weird. I finished up the last of my hard science pre-requisites over the summer, so right now I am just working on my general education classes. In fact, at the end of the semester I will get my AS in general studies. My classes are so simple and fun, which I am really enjoying. It is a good thing that I have work to keep me busy, or else I would be so bored! One day I decided on a whim that I was going to start watching the TV show Bones. That was both the best idea and the worst idea I have ever had. There are 7 complete seasons that I need to watch to get caught up, so I have been wasting entirely too much time watching it.

Something I am so excited about is that I should find out pretty soon if I have been accepted into the nursing program for January. Amanda and I are hoping to start in at the same time. I must be a total nerd, because I am missing my science classes. I can't wait to get started back into them and to finally start into classes for my major.

Anyways, this semester has been very different than my previous 3 semesters, but I am enjoying myself and appreciating a little bit slower pace. It must be the calm before the storm I'm thinking.


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