Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My kind of blog prompt!

My semester has gone pretty well so far. I am in some pretty easy classes that have allowed me extra time to watch Arrested Development on Netflix and spend as much time as I can hanging out with my roommates. I have also spent entirely too much time YouTube. There was a brief period of time a few weeks ago in which my roommates and I tried to sneak a puppy into our dorm room, but we have since realized the error in our dreaming. I love living in an apartment with my friends; it keeps me from missing Las Vegas too much.

I am also happy to be a returning tutor at the Writing Center. This class is helping me a lot because I’ve already had some experience in tutoring, but have not had specific lessons on topics such as tutor expectations or organization in writing. I am glad to have this class to help me become a better tutor. I have had some pretty effective sessions in the past few weeks that I am very happy about. I have also started teaching workshops which are incredibly fun.

I am pretty much just waiting to (hopefully) get my acceptance letter in the mail from the Nursing Department here at Weber State. If I don’t get in, next semester may be the most pointless semester of my college career. I am ready to start taking classes in my actual major. I have a roommate in the Radiography program here at Weber State, and I am extremely jealous of her for being able to start work in her intended major.

Until I am accepted into the program, I will continue to spend my weekends watching whatever I can find on Netflix and updating my “books to read” list without actually reading any of them. I am loving this freedom that has come with being nineteen years old while attending a college away from home.


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