Wednesday, November 24, 2010

La Difficolta!

To tell you the truth, I have felt very comfortable consulting papers from all subjects. One that requires more patience than most is when I tutor ESL students though. I don't say that in any derogatory way, but sometimes after I work with an ESL student, I feel really drained. This is because it seems that I am constantly hitting dead ends in understanding in communicating, having to back up, and try another avenue in order to ensure that I have understood correctly, and that I have been understood. I would rather have a student going away with a firm grasp on just a few concepts as opposed to leaving with their hands full with too many half-developed and weakly understood ones. I admire the patience and tenacity that I see from Laikwan and Kristen in the Writing Center almost daily as they seek to work at the same pace as the students that come to see them, whether it is at a slow saunter, or an all out sprint.


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