Saturday, December 08, 2012

Hindquarters and Head Lice...I mean, Hindsight and Advice :)

Looking back, there really isn't anything I wish I knew when I started out as a tutor other than how much I would love being a writing tutor. If I had known how much fun I would have teaching other students, I would have applied at the Writing Center a lot sooner. I love working with the people there and have enjoyed helping the students learn how to improve their writing. The look on the student's faces when they get a concept or understand how revision works is priceless for me.

Sure, I've made mistakes along the way in becoming a writing tutor, but I'm glad they happened during the semester because I'm pretty sure I would not have learned it any other way. All the experiences during my first semester as a tutor have really helped me develop into the tutor that I am today.
If I were to give any advice to new tutors, it would be not to play Scattergories. Okay, that's not really what I would say, but seriously, don't play Scattergories. 

On a more serious tutors. It is important to remember that you can do this. This job isn't as scary as you think. You get to deal with a lot of different situations, errors, students, papers, problems, etc. But rest easy knowing there are people in the Writing Center that you can get help from. If you need a second opinion, there are seasoned tutors all around that you can ask. Don't be afraid to ask questions and especially, don't be afraid to make mistakes because lemmie tell ya, you are going to make them. And it's okay. Get help when you need it, and essentially, DON'T PANIC. You'll be just fine. 


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